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Dell Partner Direct

Firewall and Router Installation and Configuration

Every business has a network that is full of confidential, proprietary information. NTR can help you protect your network against intruders that can compromise your data. We will install and configure a firewall solution that will provide the needed protection without sacrificing your network's performance.

Virus and Malware Protection

One of the biggest threats to your computers' performance is viruses and malware. We provide a number of protection options and help to repair the damage when malware or viruses do infiltrate your network. You cannot afford to underestimate the potential damage viruses and malware can cause to your data and business efficiency. Let NTR help minimize your risk.

Spam and Content Filtering

NTR can provide you with additional security by setting up a system to control spam and content that may cause problems in your operating environment. This can be done using a hardware or software solution on your existing server or a dedicated one, depending on your operating budget and specific needs.

Backup Solutions

Data backup and retrieval are essential to most business organizations. Could your business survive if all of your data was suddenly lost? NTR has a number of data backup solutions to fit your business needs so that you never have to find out.

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