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NTR Support Now   What's is the risk of continuing to run Windows XP?  
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what we offer

Microsoft Small Business Specialist
Dell Partner Direct

Backup made easy

NTR offers a comprehensive range of computer networking and maintenance services for small businesses in the Atlanta metropolitan area, including network design and setup, computer maintenance and technical support. Whether you want to install a new network, upgrade an existing one or outsource the management of your network, NTR is the ideal partner for your business. We will collaborate with you to build and run a scalable network to protect your IT investment as your business grows.

Our skill and experience across the spectrum of IT technologies let us provide you with innovative services and solutions that are highly cost-effective.

Our goal is to increase your productivity and profitability in a secure, reliable, State-of-the-Art IT environment.

 Find out why so many companies are outsourcing their IT department. Call us today at 770-686-1500, to schedule an initial consultation.

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